Bride and Groom Entry

From reading the title you would have known what this topic is about. Yes it is about the much talked bride and groom’s entry in weddings. We are living in a land of different religions and cultures. Weddings have their own style in each culture and religion. But the moment of entry of a bride and groom is equally special in all of them.

To say, in Christian weddings the bride is accompanied by her father or her mostly while the bride waits for her near the altar. She simply walks down the aisle, while the bridesmaids walk in front of her throwing flowers. While in hindu weddings, this entry of the bride and groom is gaining special popularity. From the olden ways of entering with ‘phoolonkichaddar’, we have come a long way where a number of different and unique things are done when the bride goes to wedding hall. These organizers think creatively and provide various ideas to make the wedding a unique and lavish one.

New ways like the following make sure that each and every entry is unique and in style.
 Bride entering in a palki or on a palanquin
 Bride enters when the guest are holding sparklers
 When she enters with her pet announcing her arrival
 Entering with smoke bombs Now comes the groom..
 Groom entering on an elephant
 On a cycle rickshaw
 On a speed boat
 On a superbike like Harley Davidson
When both of them enter together
 Both of them inside a Cindrella ball
 Both of them in a vintage car
 Both of them on a horse carriage
 Both of them pedaling the way in a cycle.
 Entering among fireworks

When the above happens music is also placed to make it even better!! So whatever be the caste or culture weddings are always special and so does the most awaited bride and grooms entry. So go ahead people use the above ideas and make your entry a remarkable one!! So, call us today and book our service today!