Jaimala Themes

Jaimala Themes incorporated in weddings Just like the title suggests, Indians are known for spending a fortune to make their weddings a memorable one. From the olden traditional ways a lot of things have changed and evolved in wedding too, to suit today’s world. Marriage itself is a special event, but certain rituals in the wedding are ‘the most special’ moment in their life. From our literature to films, wedding have always spelled grandeur and pomp. Let us see the various types of decorations that are being done for the weddings. The whole place where the wedding happens is decorated with lots of flowers and other decorative items from all sides. The entrance has the bride and groom’s names on a decorated platform. The dias or the stage is the center of attraction for the evening, which nowadays people are decorating by going an extra mile to make it breathtakingly beautiful. Everybody goes to a wedding planner or to an event management group to organize the weddings.

Now, coming to the main part of the wedding, namely the’ jaimala’ or the’ varmala’ moment .all those invited guests might not stay for the entire wedding but will surely not miss the most important moment! So this is where the stage has to be set up creatively so that the one’s wedding stays embedded in other people’s mind for a long time. The wedding planners now incorporate various themes like the following:

 The kalash theme
 The lotus theme
 Ramayana theme
 Havankund theme
 Titanic theme
 Diamond ring theme
 Revolving stage
 Flower rush theme
 Big temple theme
 statue of liberty theme
 the globe theme
 The tajmahal theme
 Musical theme
 3D mapping theme
 Eiffel tower theme

These are only to name a few. Apart from the above the organizers provide anything special that the client asks for. When done properly the themes are sure to be show stoppers!! For the next wedding in your place be sure to choose one of those beautiful themes and celebrate the wedding in grandeur!!